1. For Participants without presentation:

If You wish to participate on the Conference without presenting, please register here.

2. For participants who paid, please register your paiment:

For participants with presentations who paid their conference fees, please, register your payment here.

We will subsequently issue a receipt for your payment by Charles University - you will receive your receipt by email.  

3. Conference fees:

Until 31st of July

Conference participant with presentation

180 Euro / 4200 CZK

PhD. students without presentation

130 Euro / 3000 CZK

Participant for 2 days, no presentation, social dinner included

80 Euro / 2000 CZK

Participant for Day 1 only, no presentation

65 Euro / 1500 CZK

Participant for Day 2 only, no presentation

50 Euro / 1300 CZK

Social dinner for participants with no presentation, registration for 1 day only

30 Euro / 750 CZK

If you have any questions, please contact us on:


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E-mail: children.youth.perspectives@fhs.cuni.cz

Hosting institution of the Conference:

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Psychology and Life Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication and Media Studies

Faculty of Arts, Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication

Place of the Conference:

Hybernská 4, 11000, Prague 1, Czech republic