The Hybernská Campus, HYB4 City - our conference venue

The Hybernská Campus is a centre of culture, innovation, science and education. It is designed for the meeting of students, artists, scientists, researchers, creatives and innovators with the civil public and the application sphere of the capital city of Prague. The Hybernská Campus was created by connecting the City of Prague and Charles University with the aim of establishing a joint project for the development of intensified cooperation.

The Hybernská Campus offers a series of lectures, debates, panels, discussions, festivals, concerts and exhibitions. The programme is designed in both Czech and English.

In January 2021, the Campus passed from the care of the Faculty of Arts to the entire Charles University on the basis of a new partnership with the City of Prague. At that moment, the innovative potential of the disciplines of all seventeen faculties of the Charles University and many other university units comes to the Campus.

Adress: Hybernská 4, Praha — Nové město

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Plan of the building:

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Hosting institution of the Conference:

Faculty of Humanities, Department of Psychology and Life Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Communication and Media Studies

Faculty of Arts, Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication

Place of the Conference:

Hybernská 4, 11000, Prague 1, Czech republic